Q: Why are you shortening the event with “1 day”? And am I still getting my money's worth?
A: The event itself will be even more action packed than before. Shortening by 12 hours (note the last day was never a full day) will allow us to compress activities and ensure that you will have experiences at the event day and night for all event days. We were unhappy with our final day being empty and not exciting enough and so we are changing this up by concentrating the focus on the three days only.

Q: Why are you closing the expo so early?

A: Many of our partners would like us to shorten the expo opening hours to ensure they can focus and compress their content for the expo visitors. We agree here and feel that giving you these hours offer you a more distilled experience with more action packed into a shorter time frame. And for those that want to continue into the night, our live music performances will generally ramp up from 20:00 till late. So once you pop out of the expo you can head straight to the party or any of the other activities that run late.

Q: Can I stay until Tuesday and sleep in the sleeping hall?

A: No, everybody should be out of the venue at 21:00 on the 17th June.

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