20+ and 20+ Premium are areas for a mature audience and intended for visitors 20 years or older. Therefore we require all ticket holders for these areas to be at least 20 years of age when the event starts. We do not make exceptions of this rule.

Features for 20+:

  • These areas offer a quiet and calm atmosphere in a secluded area of the event.
  • The seats are standard LAN tables made from pallets and particle boards. But we tend to use the board that are in the best condition for these seats. 
  • The chairs are padded and similar to this model.
  • The LAN seats are built on a black carpet that offers a more premium feel than the concrete floor that is in the rest of the venue. 
  • Complimentary coffee is included and available around the clock.

Checkpoints leading in to the 20+ and 20+ Premium area make sure that a calm   environment is ensured. 

Exclusive for 20+ Premium:

  • The area is located as a walled of part of the main sleeping area and is kept dark around the clock.
  • Features its own big screen that shows esports and other content through out the event. 
  • Tables have wider space, with each seat being ~120x60cm.
  • All 20+ Premium visitors will receive tickets that grant them 2 meals per day along with a drink package. The meal tickets  can be used at many different food vendors at the event. The drink package consists of 2x Monster Energy, 2x DreamHack water 1x soft drink) per day.
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