If you've gotten yourself 2 tickets with the intent to extend your current seat space then this is how you do it:

  1. Make sure to connect both tickets to your DreamHack Account
  2. Go trough the process of selecting a seat for each ticket. And select the seats next to each other.

With these steps you've reserved yourself 2 seats and one seat which you will be able to check into the event with. 

1. Connecting your tickets

when you have completed your purchase over at our ticket vendor; Tixr. You will be sent an email telling you to "connect your tickets" to your DreamHack account. This is mandatory to be able to select a seat and check in at the event. 

This is done by pressing on the "Connect your tickets" button in the email with the subject "DreamHack BYOC order confirmation"
The email looks something like this:

A. Press the orange button "CONNECT YOUR TICKETS".

B. You will now be transferred to dreamhack.com/tickets/dhw18/manage and the page looking like this:

C. Done! When you have signed in and completed the process, you will be presented with an overview of all your options.

2. Choose your seats 

You will have to go trough this process for each ticket in your account. If you hold more than one ticket, then they all will be listed. You will be be directed to the seat map. Navigate to the desired hall, row and seat and press on the desired seat. Then confirm by pressing "Choose this seat" at the bottom of the page. 

When that's done. you have completed your placing of that ticket. It will now be listed in the ticket overview and you also have the option to give the ticket away and send yourself an email confirmation of your seat.

3. Repeat the process for the second ticket. 

3. View tickets: Viewing tickets allows you to see which seats you have selected for each ticket. You will see all your available ticket(s) and bring up the QR code & ticket ID for the ticket. This can be helpful to find out which ticket is which if you purchased many ticket.

The QR code needs to be presented when checking in at the event. 

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