If you want to upgrade or downgrade an already purchased ticket. You simply contact our ticket vendor Tixr.  They will help you with your question regarding a downgrade or upgrade. 

We do not offer refunds of tickets unless it's for medical reasons and you can provide a medical certificate, stating you are unable to attend the event. 

You are free to resell your ticket and use the "give a ticket away" -function in our ticket management system. See more info about this here

Downgrade Options

We allow for downgrading a ticket one time, to the closest "level" below. Example: BYOC 20+ > BYOC or BYOC > Event pass.

This is the full list of downgrade options

  • BYOC 20+ Ultra -> BYOC 20+ Premium 
  • BYOC 20+ Premium -> BYOC 20+
  • BYOC 20+ -> BYOC
  • BYOC Premium -> BYOC
  • BYOC -> Event Pass
  • Event Pass -> Can't be downgraded. This is the lowest level we allow.
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