This registration will help determine your founders status and also ensure that you can enter the founders lounge at our festival in advanced (and other benefits).

To register for founders status you will need to complete a few simple steps:

  1. Ensure you have a copy of your original founders ticket or purchase receipt
  2. Let us know your DHID user ID (found by logging into our app here and getting the code from under your QR image, so not your username)
  3. Make sure that you clarify if you've purchased founders tickets for any family or friends or if you've had your founders ticket purchased by a family or friend. We will be verifying the validity of your request with the original purchaser.

You can fill in all this data here A google account is required, which will limit you to a singular response and also allow you to update your responses in case of error. 

Once done, you will receive the Founders Achievement in the app! This achievement is unique to you and your DHID and cannot be transferred. 

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